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Programme: Sales Techniques Mindfully

Programme Objectives

At the end of the programme participants will be able:

      1. To understand the psychology and buying behaviour of the customer.
      2. To learn how to apply the basic pillars of building and processing a sale.
      3. To learn how to apply the correct steps that lead to the processing of a sale in a sensitive consumer market that thinks much more wisely and smartly about what they buy and at what price they buy it.
      4. To be trained in different ways and methods of presenting services and products to customers with the aim of creating purchase needs and minimizing possible objections by applying presentation rules.
      5. To learn how to use objection-handling techniques for effective closing of sales.
      6. To know the techniques of closing the sale.
      7. To know the techniques of overcoming customer’s doubts that are related to having less money available after closing the sale (cognitive dissonance), and to create loyal customers and repeat sales.
      8. To learn the types of customers and the specific handling of each type separately.
      9. To be familiar with the differences in sales strategy with physical presence, over the phone, or even through electronic communication.
      10. To learn how Mindfulness helps the individual who wants to make a sale and why it is so necessary based on official research in our personal and professional life (Formal and Informal Practice).
      11. To learn how to manage their thoughts and how they affect sales.
      12. To develop a positive approach and behavior towards customers and partners.
      13. To apply the use of positive language.

Ανάλυση Περιεχομένου

  1. What does the term Sales Techniques & Strategies mean?
  2. Types of customers and approaches
  3. Relationship between Marketing and Sales
  4. What is the importance of Sales Techniques for the better and more effective operation of stores?
  5. Why do we offer poor sales?
  6. What are we doing wrong?
  7. Developing a Positive Approach and Behavior
  8. Application of Positive language. Teamwork
  9. Customer-centric Stores?
  10. Building customer-centric consciousness
  11. Difficult customers, Toxic customers, Peaceful customers
  12. Quality vs Quantity Sales
  13. How to achieve successful sales and what are the steps?
  14. Application of the above-mentioned curriculum by your staff
  15. The communication model
  16. Perception and its significance
  17. How to read body language for better sales
  18. Obstacles to effective sales
  19. Sales stages
  20. Telephone techniques
  21. The art and communication of negotiations
  22. Case study on Complaint Handling Techniques
  23. Application of the above-mentioned curriculum by your group’s personnel

Methods and Training Tools

  1. Lecture
  2. Discussion
  3. Case study analysis
  4. Group work
  5. Training materials in print, audiovisual, electronic, and physical formats.

Data maintenance/evaluation system

There will be continuous attendance record keeping where trainees will sign next to their name at each meeting.

An evaluation form of the instructor and the curriculum to be taught will be attached, which will be completed by the trainees upon completion of the program.

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